September 8, 2012

Roof Materials

Eco Metal Roofing

For those looking for an environmentally friendly roof at a low cost, then there is no better choice than eco metal roofing materials.  Just like any other type of metal roofing material, … [Read More...]

Eco Wood Shake Roofing

Environmentally speaking, wood products are a good renewable source of building materials.  The look that a wood shake roof offers is amazing, but the life of standard wood shakes are low compared to … [Read More...]

Eco Slate Roofing

There are several reasons that so many of the world's most admired castles have slate roofs.  Standard slate roofs last for centuries and are some of the most beautiful roofs in history.  Now with … [Read More...]

Green Walls

Almost every architect today is creating building designs that conserve energy and incorporate more natural features.  One of these new trends is to create green walls, a.k.a. living walls, for both … [Read More...]

Green Roofs

Modern green roofs are a relatively new trend dating back to parts of Europe in the sixties, but the principles have been around for centuries.  New roofing technologies have given way to better … [Read More...]

Green Roofing

The newest architectural designs for roofs are actually one of the oldest methods of roof construction.  The ideas behind the new push to environmentally friendly green roofing technologies have been … [Read More...]

Sheet Metal Roofing

In today's push to create new roofing materials that provide the best protection and savings, there is no better option than sheet metal roofing materials.  These roofs offer some of the best fire … [Read More...]