August 2, 2012

Eco Wood Shake Roofing

Environmentally speaking, wood products are a excellent renewable source of building materials.  The look that a wood shake roof offers is incredible, but the life of standard wood shakes are low compared to other types of materials.  Those wanting the look of wood lacking the maintenance should look into eco wood shake roofing materials as an option with low maintenance and a long life.

Most Eco wood shake roofing materials are made out of recycled compounds and wood pulp.  During the manufacturing process, the product is pressure treated to resist fire and impact.  This gives the average Eco wood shake the highest possible class A fire rating and a class 4 impact rating.

The popularity of Eco wood shake roofing materials has grown over the years, with this option becoming one of the most commonly used type of shakes for many consumers in Southern California.  With the risk of windblown fires in the Los Angeles area, there is no better type of roofing material for people that desire the wood look lacking the worry associated with standard wood shakes.

The installation of Eco wood shake roofing materials is no different than any other type of wood shake shingles.  The main difference has to do with the long term look.  Standard wood shakes will change colors over the years as the sun and other environmental conditions weather the wood.  A weathered wood shake roof will typically turn to a rich silver affect over time, whereas Eco wood shake roofing materials will maintain the manufactured affect for the life of the product.

A standard wood shake roof requires special treatments over the years if you want them to last for 20 or 30 years, but eco wood shake roofing materials require no maintenance and have an estimated life span of 50 years.