August 2, 2012

Concrete Tile Roofing

The use of concrete for tile roofs goes back well over a century, with the first example of commercial production in Bavaria.  Today there are still several roofs in the Staudach district with the original concrete tile roofing that was installed over a hundred years ago.  That these roofs are still intact is a prime example of the durability of concrete as a roofing material.

If you’re considering a tile roof, it might be a excellent thought to look into concrete tile roofing materials.  The nature of the word “concrete” might imply that concrete tile roofing materials are heavy, but the fact is these tiles are not any heavier than any other type of tile roof.  Some people also believe that these tiles are only available in gray, but there are several other colors available.

With the advancement of new technologies, concrete tiles are currently available in dozens of different colors and shapes.  There are even some types of concrete tile roofing materials that look like wood shake shingles.

Beside the proven durability that concrete tile roofing offers, these roofs also offer fantastic safeguard from the threat of wildfires.  In Southern California the potential of windblown fires can be perilous, especially during Santa Ana season.  Because concrete tiles can be manufactured in so many different styles and colors, this type of roofing product is becoming very well loved as a replacement for some wood shake shingle.

The focus on environmentally friendly materials has also made its way to roofing tiles.  Some manufacturers have been also incorporating elements of cool roofing technologies to concrete tile roofing materials.  Los Angeles has hot summer months that can bake the surface of any roof, but by incorporating green technologies to concrete tiles, people can save up to 50% on their utility expenditure.