January 20, 2012

Eco Slate Roofing

There are several reasons that so many of the world’s most accepted castles have slate roofs.  Standard slate roofs last for centuries and are some of the most gorgeous roofs in history.  Now with new eco slate roofing materials, more people are going to be able to turn their homes into an accepted castle in their community.

The price associated with standard slate roofs has been one of the major factors that have not permitted people from choosing slate roofing materials.  This is all changing thankfulness to eco slate roofing materials.

One huge subsidy to eco slate roofing materials is that these roofs require less slate and less labor than traditional slate roofs, which can result in the cost down significantly.  A further fantastic subsidy is that eco slate roofing materials are environmentally friendly.

The reasons eco slate roofing are considered environmentally friendly has to do with several factors.  Some of the available eco slate materials are designed in a panel system, and each panel has a thick base of insulation.  Each panel interlocks as it is installed onto the roof.  That entire system is designed to keep the heat from the hot Southern California sun out of the interior interval where it can guide up utility expenditure.  Best of all, these materials are Energy Star compliant.

Some of the available eco slate roofing materials have also been designed to offer some of the best safeguard from impacts and fires.  With the modular-set system of some eco slate roofing materials, the panels are strong and the chances of wind hurt are extremely low.

For those looking for a roof that has a wonderful reputation lacking costs a fortune, then eco slate roofing materials are the best choice around.