January 25, 2012

Cool Roof Coatings

The application of cool roof coatings in Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area is a growth industry.  Rising utility expenditure and a shift to more sustainable, green technologies has lead many consumers to use cool roof coatings to lower expenses.

Most cool roof coatings are Energy Star compliant, which means they have gone through extensive testing to get a certification from the centralized government that rates these products as energy-saving materials.  In most cases, these products use a combination of insulation factors and solar reflection.  By reflecting the sun’s energy away from the interior of the building, utility expenditure can be cut by as much as 50%.

Applying cool roof coatings is a lot like spray painting the roof of a building.  The roofing company would prep the existing roof to make sure that there are no leaks or issues with the existing roof.  After that, the coating is sprayed onto the surface of the roof and allowed to dry.  Once applied, the new coating not only reflects solar energy, it also extends that life of the existing roof.

With most cool roof coatings being Energy Star compliant, there are several different types of tax credit available to help with the cost of installation.  These tax credits are offered by centralized, state, and local governments to help cut energy use and the environmental impact of excessive energy consumption.  It is advised that anyone considering the use of cool roof coatings should speak with a tax specialist to determine which credit can be utilized for a particular application.

In the greater Southern California area, there are numerous building codes that need to be followed when applying any type of spray-on roof coating.  These codes need to be addressed before choosing which roof coating to use.