May 13, 2011

Green Roofing

The newest architectural designs for roofs are really one of the oldest methods of roof construction.  The thoughts behind the new push to environmentally friendly green roofing technologies have been used for centuries, but the latest innovations in roofing materials has caused a resurgence.

Many architects and contractors around the world are using new green roofing technologies to make wonderful rooftop gardens that are being used to grow organic materials as well as profits.  These green roofs can also help to utilize the hot Southern California sun instead of letting it reflexively contribute to the current state of the environment.

With most typical roofing materials, solar heat cooks the surface of the roof, which in turn makes its way into the interior of the building.  A truly state of the art green roof will assemble all of the rainwater and the sun’s rays to be used in maintaining a self-sustained environment for the growth of produce or a gorgeous rooftop getaway.

Some commercial building owners around the world are also taking these gorgeous rooftop garden chairs and leasing them out to bio-tech companies and nurseries.  This can take a interval that would normally not have a profit option and turn it into a way of earning more on the building as a whole.

The process that goes into making any type of green roofing project is not that different from other types of roofing projects, but the benefits are so much greater than a standard roof.  Beside the fact that green roofing materials are environmentally friendly and help to cut the rising cost of utility bills, these roofs also qualify for tax credits offered by the state of California and the centralized government.  These credits can be pretty substantial, but it is a excellent thought to consult a tax professional when considering any type of environmentally friendly construction project that could qualify.