January 25, 2012

Hot Asphalt Roofing

Hot Asphalt Built-up roofing is extremely durable and has been used for more than 100 years. BUR is one of the oldest and most dependable ways of installing a new roof. BUR consists of multiple asphalt plies of laminated roofing felts together with asphalt bitumen.

BUR roofing systems are composed of three vital components; (1) The waterproofing component (asphalt, bitumen, or cold adhesive), (2) The reinforcing component, (fiberglass, polyester, or other fabrics), and (3) The surfacing component (granular-surfaced cap sheet or gravel) which is used to protect and preserve the other components from roof-destroying elements such as Ultra Violet, mechanical failure, and wear and tear.

BUR offers the added safeguard of White Cool Roof Coatings and performs well in extremes of heat, cold, wind, and snow.  BUR is simple to repair and has a proven track record.