August 2, 2012

Wood Shake Roofing

The traditional look of wood shake roofing materials is a much sought after.  The distinct character that a wood shake roof can give to a house does not always come with the risk of less fire safety.

Most wood shake roofing materials are made out of Western red cedar, or other types of cedar.  The best part of the tree to use for wood shake shingles is the heart.

In the process of making wood shakes the manufacturer will send the wood through a series of treatments that are designed to protect the wood from fire, mold and other factors that will lessen the life of the roof.  These treatments vary depending on what type of shake shingles is desired.

California state building codes restrict the use of some types of untreated non-fire resistant wood shake roofing materials on new construction.  In addendum, several communities in and around Southern California have adopted even stricter guidelines.  People considering the use of wood shake roofing materials on their homes are encouraged to take the time to talk to a roofing contractor to determine what rules and regulations are in place in their community.  Though most new wood shake roofing materials are treated from the factory, it is a excellent thought to consider a secondary type of treatment during the construction process.

When considering wood shake roofing materials for your building, there are some options that most people do not reckon in this area when shopping around.  Some of these options are not only fire resistant, but also environmentally friendly.

Several manufacturers are now offering different types of environmentally friendly options for wood shake roofing materials.  Some are made from recycled plastics and wood pulp, while others are made out of recycled telephone poles or others types of recycled wood products.