August 2, 2012

Wood Shingle Roofing

The use of wood shingle roofing materials in Southern California has been a small hit or miss over the years.  Nevertheless, many people like their roofs made with wood shingles and would by no means consider any other type.  But there are several things to keep in mind when choosing these materials.

The difference between wood shingles and wood shakes is a bit confusing, even for some people in the affair.  Historically, wood shingles are supposed to be smooth, while shakes are typically made with a more rustic look.  As a standard, most of these roofing materials are made with a smooth side and a rough side, meaning that the distinction is sometimes made during the installation process.  This is not always the case, so it is a excellent thought to talk to the contractor in this area this distinction during the estimate process.

Most wood shingle roofing materials are made out of Western red cedar, and the best shingles are made from ancient growth trees.  Because ancient growth trees are becoming harder to come by, many manufacturers are using other types of wood to make these gorgeous roofs.  Some of the other options include various treated pines as well as yellow cedars.

When shopping for wood shingle roofing materials, the first thing consumers should look into is the type of fire and other treatments that have been applied during manufacturing. The use of untreated wood shingle roofing materials is not permitted for new home construction.  Some communities in and around the Los Angeles area have also enacted local building codes meant to restrict the use of untreated wood shingle roofing materials on all buildings in their communities.

Though most wood shingles are treated during manufacturing, there are some shingles that are not.  To add further safeguard to a home it is a excellent thought to have all wood shingle roofs treated with fire and rot safeguard during installation, and periodically during the life of the roof.